My Sister Elaine & Our Journey

Elaine with 100 V

When a drunk driver recklessly rear-ended my sister in her van as she waited at a traffic light, our lives changed forever.  On September 13, 2010, Elaine endured a high speed impact, spent over three months in three different hospitals barely surviving as a quadriplegic.

The non-fiction book, Our Dark Night of the Soul:  Finding Solace Through Suffering, candidly details our most challenging experiences as a family in crisis.  Blog entries here, as an addendum to the book, share ongoing personal challenges and revelations along the journey.

Written from a brother’s perspective, the true family story shares our enduring many dark night of the soul experiences.  From the tragic accident, multiple hospitalizations, returning home and facing the offender in court, only God could see this family through such trials.

Elaine’s brother Martin W. Bass, the book’s author, has served in eclectic secular and ministerial endeavors as newspaper feature writer/reporter, desktop publisher, mental health counselor, pastor, chaplain/bereavement coordinator. His invitation:  to bring the reader into an honest and intimate encounter with God through His Suffering Son, Jesus.

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