Anger Unmasked

“For the wrath (anger) of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” James 1:20

Especially since Elaine’s accident I have been angry at times on various levels. I have been angry that an irresponsible, drunken driver sentenced to a mere 18 months in a county jail, thrust my sister into a life of quadriplegia. I have been angry at the chaos brought to our family through such an unnecessary tragedy. I have been angry at all the personal losses, including broken relationships, endured throughout this tragedy. I have been angered that life as we knew it as a family exists no more. I have been angry that God would allow such suffering in our lives.

Recently a mature brother in Christ candidly brought to my attention a diagnosis of my ‘stuffed’ anger. In that tough meeting, my anger again blossomed. The remedy entailed my having to forgive, again, a host of people that had brought pain our way. In my choosing to forgive again, per another friend’s loving admonition, Satan has been stripped of his authority to trample over me. As the enemy brings to my mind all the sins of commission and omission committed against me, my choosing to forgive all my offenders has disarmed his damaging power.

I have had to repent in my anger with God, too. In His being perfect and sinless, God knows the big picture as I do not have a clue as to what good is being accomplished behind the scenes. Do I truly believe that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord? (Romans 8:28). Apparently, I have not. So I go back to the Father confessing my sins, repeatedly forgiving others determining to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling.

Anger is not a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Failure to forgive others, including oneself, reaps God’s judgment and torment ushering forth the powers of darkness. Today each one of us has a choice: stay stuck in angry unforgiveness and spiritually shrivel on the vine or forgive and charge forward as a fruitful victor through Christ.


About Our Dark Night of the Soul: Finding Solace Through Suffering

Our Dark Night of the Soul: Finding Solace Through Suffering shares the true story about a sudden family tragedy. As author of the book to be published in the summer of 2014, the true account tells of my sister being rear ended by a drunk driver. She barely survives the high speed crash being left to live as a quadriplegic. Written from a brother's perspective, the manuscript shares the heartfelt story of ongoing physical and emotional pain experienced by both victim and family. Only through God's grace can a family survive such a tragedy!
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7 Responses to Anger Unmasked

  1. Anonymous says:

    Martin: May the peace of Christ fill you as you move forward in victory!! Blessings to you and Connie! P

  2. I find your posts all honest and soothing for the suffering heart. This post was raw, painful and I thought of it throughout the day, having read it this morning.
    First, I am sorry how you, Elaine and your family are suffering so severely. I felt pain in the words of this post.
    Also, I understand about anger to God. It is something I have struggled with very badly. Some moments are worse than others for me. My hope is that human emotional expressions( anger, grief, sadness) to pain/trauma is understood gently by Him. I agree about the ability of unresolved anger against God or self to become extremely destructive though, I have seen it in my own life.

    I have seen my parents experience great pain, and my brothers because of what I have been through. I know a family is badly effected by trauma and tragedy.
    I am sorry your family is having to endure the tragedy you have had.
    This is a piercing post.

    • Rachel, I truly believe God understands our pain as He looks upon our hearts. He knows our true desire to follow Him coupled with the “sin nature” vying for our attention. Thank you for your heartfelt comments. I do believe much better days are ahead for His suffering children that continually give their complete pain and broken hearts to Christ, our Mediator, advocating for us to the Father. May our Lord immensely bless you and your family!

  3. Ted says:

    good word my friend! Thank you for sharing.

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