In the book of Job, his friends learn of Job’s multiple devastations. Initially they sit silently before him and grieve by his side. After they deem that the grieving has ended, each one has something to say. Unfortunately for Job and them, it would have been best for them to remain silent. Their advice conjured up criticisms of Job along with faulty reasons for his suffering.

One must choose friends carefully when embarking upon a dark night of the soul. Those with casual, unsolicited advice, beware. Unless one has experienced devastating life events and successfully survived them through Christ, one may have not won the right to offer any advice to other sufferers.

In suffering, you will quickly learn who your real friends and family are. You will recognize those sticking by you offering not their unsolicited counsel but their loving, personal support and prayers. So in undergoing severe trials, beware and choose your real friends very carefully!

In the end of the book of Job, this suffering servant had to forgive his friends; and they had to repent before restoration dawned. As we forgive and go forward with God, He will restore and help us despite the suffering hurts others have inflicted upon us.  Praise God!


About Our Dark Night of the Soul: Finding Solace Through Suffering

Our Dark Night of the Soul: Finding Solace Through Suffering shares the true story about a sudden family tragedy. As author of the book to be published in the summer of 2014, the true account tells of my sister being rear ended by a drunk driver. She barely survives the high speed crash being left to live as a quadriplegic. Written from a brother's perspective, the manuscript shares the heartfelt story of ongoing physical and emotional pain experienced by both victim and family. Only through God's grace can a family survive such a tragedy!
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