A Student of Suffering

Today, this author began leading a class on Biblical suffering in my church. Sweet people gathered together to explore a topic much neglected in today’s modern congregations.

As class teacher, I admitted my failures and strivings to become a true servant through the journey of pain. As I heard others share of their times of suffering, I became well aware of my student status in this particular class.

As the body of Christ testifies of God’s help in time of trouble, members of the faith solidify relationships running far deeper than shallow connections. Paul, in Philippians 1:29, assures those in the Christian faith must expect suffering to be the norm. In coming together as Christ’s people, we not only share and comfort one another in His sufferings; we rejoice together in the promises of His eternal plan for good over evil in our lives.


About Our Dark Night of the Soul: Finding Solace Through Suffering

Our Dark Night of the Soul: Finding Solace Through Suffering shares the true story about a sudden family tragedy. As author of the book to be published in the summer of 2014, the true account tells of my sister being rear ended by a drunk driver. She barely survives the high speed crash being left to live as a quadriplegic. Written from a brother's perspective, the manuscript shares the heartfelt story of ongoing physical and emotional pain experienced by both victim and family. Only through God's grace can a family survive such a tragedy!
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