Two Year Anniversary Perspectives

As the two year anniversary of Elaine’s accident approaches this week, our minds cannot fully grasp the changes in all of our lives.  

Family celebratory gatherings have decreased; relatives have become increasingly distant; some older friendships have been severely tested and painfully faded away.  Life as we knew it in pre-accident days ceases to exist.

Yet in all the losses, new personal perspectives have evolved:  a vivid awareness of in-depth suffering; a low tolerance for minuscule complaints; God-sent new friends that care; a greater desire for God on a second by second basis; increased fervency in spontaneous prayer.

As we continue to make our way through the maze of paralysis and its dark effects, may the light of Christ illuminate our way especially Elaine’s way.  It is truly a journey down a very dark night of the soul only survivable through a bedrock faith in Christ.


About Our Dark Night of the Soul: Finding Solace Through Suffering

Our Dark Night of the Soul: Finding Solace Through Suffering shares the true story about a sudden family tragedy. As author of the book to be published in the summer of 2014, the true account tells of my sister being rear ended by a drunk driver. She barely survives the high speed crash being left to live as a quadriplegic. Written from a brother's perspective, the manuscript shares the heartfelt story of ongoing physical and emotional pain experienced by both victim and family. Only through God's grace can a family survive such a tragedy!
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4 Responses to Two Year Anniversary Perspectives

  1. Tom Fox says:

    Martin and Elaine, It is hard to know what to say to encourage or comfort when someone is suffering. The heart cries out but the words seem to always fall short. What do we really know for sure in this world, you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure it all out. People come and go and so does everything else, so how can we stand on that foundation that the Bible speaks of? Not through knowledge or understanding; the only way is through faith in this statement; God loves us, no matter what. He proved it in the ultimate sacrifice through Jesus the Christ. That’s all we can really know, and thats all we need to know. Please don’t try to understand why people come and go or suffering, it will drain you. The Bible tells us to stand, and when you have done everything you know to stand, stand some more. For how long? you might ask, until you see Jesus coming for you. And if I read the Bible right until all eternity, because thats where lucifer messed up.
    So, l agree with Patty; hang in there.

    • Martin Bass says:

      Tom: Thanks for taking the time to reply. There is an old saying that unless you walk a mile in another’s moccasins it is difficult to understand another’s pain. There are passages in the Bible about bearing one another’s burdens. Aaron helped to hold up Moses’ arms in the battle. Even as her brother, I cannot begin to understand Elaine’s daily pain nor can others truly understand the pain of our family around her.

      Just received a call from a sweet lady who has agreed to simply visit Elaine and read to her. We are very blessed with people who care. For those who do not reach out, we can do nothing about that. Even living at a distance, a simple call with prayer or a card of encouragement can really lift the spirits. Without God’s personal help, we would have never come this far. We are depending on God not people. I just hope God’s people will not ignore the call to reach out to others to be physical reminders of His love.

  2. Patty Grimes says:

    Martin: It’s hard to believe it has been two years. Life certainly does change in the midst of great crisis, but God does provide — always. Keep on keeping on for Elaine. God bless. Patty

    • Martin Bass says:

      Thanks, Patty, for your prayers and support. I admire your courage which reminds me of God’s faithfulness to His children! Blessings to You!

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